Music to help you Transcend Together.

We draw influence from early 2000s alt rock (Coldplay, the Killers, Switchfoot, Mutemath) and early 60's and 70's folk and ballad rock (The Beatles, Billy Joel, John Denver, Queen). Inspired by connection. Intent on health and flourishing. Full of energy.

You'll walk away with three things: Catharsis, Inspiration, and Transcendence.


Carousel imageCarousel imagejohn from hallowtribe laying in a skiball lane, staring at the camerajohn from hallowtribe smiling and playing drumsCarousel imagejohn from hallowtribe jumping on top of a hill with a bright sun behind himjohn from hallowtribe playing keyboard in a dimly lit room, singingjohn from hallowtribe holding open a door walking into a gig, wind blowing his hair, with guitar on his back