Hallowtribe is the music of Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist John Justus. Originally from Australia, by way of Nebraska, the mid-south U.S. and now Wisconsin, John is no stranger to venturing into the unknown. He weaves the colors of travel and a desire to understand the world, other people, and himself into his songs. Hallowtribe draws inspiration from folk, indie/alt rock, ambient, and classic pop, landing somewhere in the space between hope, doubt, and moving forward.


Principal songwriter, creative director, keys, vox, guitar, bass, drums, production, booking

Hallowtribe is a physical manifestation of John's purpose:

Connect to people, create meaning, discuss the otherworldly, engage with hard topics, listen, dance, tune in. If John had his way, we would all be a part of the same group, no divisions amongst us humans.

The idea of Hallowtribe is something that John has been chasing his whole life-

a community of people who help raise each other up, to reach their highest potential.

This can only happen through honesty, compassion, and a safe place to be vulnerable. There will be happy songs, hopeful songs, joyous songs, but you will also find the search for meaning through song, the questions that plague all of us (what's purpose? what is kindness? how do we deal with pain and heartbreak? Can we make it through the quicksand?) and the catharsis that comes from singing what you cannot say.

John has a background in communication and has been a psychotherapist (fancy way of saying counselor) for the last several years. Armed with this experience and knowledge, John knows how hard it can be to sift through the internal monologue and still come out with hope on your lips- and he knows that it's worth the effort. Music is another conduit for this process (and often more fun!), so John decided to jump headfirst into the creative hurricane and start pursuing a career in the music world.

Come along on this journey we call life- life's better with other folks along for the ride.

John Justus Is Tired podcast!

A little podcast, un-related to the music, that John records everyday! If you want to get to know the man behind the music, check out this podcast- you might learn something about yourself along the way.